New Year Resolutions For You and Your Pet






It’s the New Year! Time for resolutions and ways to make your life happier and healthier- why not include your furry best friend? Here are some fun ways to give you and your pet the best year yet!

Include Your Pet In Your Workout

Is this year's motto “New Year New You?”  What if we included your pet too?

Take your dog on extra long walks or runs, take hikes, or find a fitness trail with workout equipment along the way. You don’t need to worry about feeling out of shape or self conscious because your furry friend will always be your biggest supporter!



Clean Up Your Eating (And Your Pets Too!)

Looking to clean up your diet?  How about doing the same for your pet too?

Spending your Sunday’s meal prepping? Some healthy human foods are great for your dog too! Try making them a fun snack or dinner that matches yours. You may find that cooking for both of you makes it easier than just cooking for one! 

Looking for clean and healthy treats for your pup? Check out our treats made with whole foods and organic ingredients! 



Add Some Doggy Dates to Your Self Care Schedule

Is self care at the top of your list? Or are you looking to read 12 books in 12 months? Plan out a weekly date on the couch with your pup! Grab a book or turn on the movie and grab an extra snuggly blanket and be prepared for a bunch of extra love while you practice your self care.

As the weather gets warmer check out the dog park for a game of fetch. Take them to your favorite brunch spot or brewery with a patio- you’ll be sure to have the cutest date in town.


Take a Trip With Your Favorite Road Companion

Are you looking for adventure? Is this year about feeding those feelings of wanderlust? Why not bring your best friend?

Take your pet on the hikes across the Grand Canyon or the Smokys. Take them to monuments and road side attractions across America. Let them soak up the sun at the beach with you. 


Start the New Year with Love

Maybe you aren’t someone who made any kind of resolution- and that’s ok! With your furry best friend by your side you will always feel loved!

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