Essentials For Your New Puppy

You pickled out your new four-legged furbaby- and now you’re overwhelmed with what all you need! Don’t worry we got it covered!

Here are some essentials for your new puppy.

A Kennel or Baby Gate

There’s always the debate on whether or not to crate train your dog. Of course you don’t want to think of your little puppy stuck in a cage all day- but you also know that they are tiny destroyers!

Some dogs love the kennel and others absolutely hate it. The key is making it as comfortable as possible! Make sure you get a kennel that can grow with your dog. Many kennels have an adjustable gate to help keep their space smaller and cozier while they are babies. Put a comfy bed or pad in there and a blanket or towel (or old t-shirt) with your scent on it, and let them have a couple of their favorite chew toys. 

If you decide crate training isn’t for you - find a good baby gate that fits in areas you don’t want them getting into. If you decide to leave them in a hall/bathroom/laundry room/etc use the gate to make the space a little smaller and contained, and of course make sure there aren’t any wires or chemicals that are nearby. 



Chew Toys

Puppies love to chew on things. Just like babies they teethe for the first few years of their life. Finding the right kinds of toys that they love are important for them- and your clothes and furniture!

Make sure to buy a variety of toys when you first start out! Grab some fun rubber filled toys, squeaky toys, bones, etc. Make sure you do your research on brands and try to buy a couple quality toys vs cheap ones. Oftentimes cheaply made toys and splinter and/or cause digestive issues and perforations.

If you are unsure of where to begin, ask your vet for suggestions! They will definitely know what they see a lot of and won’t be trying to sell you things that you don’t need. 

Collar and Leash

This one is an obvious choice but sometimes forgotten. When leash training your pup it’s recommended to grab a standard smaller leash (non retractable) and a harness. This helps you teach your furbaby how to stay close by without choking them. 

If they are wearing a detachable harness it’s still important to have a collar with a tag on it. Puppies are master escape artists- so even the smallest pup needs a collar! Try putting your email address on the back of their tag in additions to your phone number or address! This helps if you happen to be at work, or if you change numbers down the road (and forget to update their tag). 

Doggie Toiletries

While your pup doesn’t need a 5 step skin care regimen- they do need products to keep them happy and healthy! Finding a good shampoo that works for your pups coat is essential! Long haired and curly haired varieties may need more conditioning than shorter haired varieties. 

Other needs are nail clippers, a brush, tooth brush, and flea and tick treatment (if they are prevalent in your area). Some breed may take more work than others- when in doubt ask a local groomer about needs for your breed and they should be able to offer some great advice. 


Quality Dog Food (and treats!)

You know the old saying, “you are what you eat”- the same is true for your pup.  Make sure you grab a quality food and quality treats to ensure your pup is getting proper nutrition to grow! Look for ingredients you can pronounce- and try to find food that isn’t full of fillers.

When shopping for treats look for the same thing! Look for treats with added benefits to your pets health. Like our cranberry flax seed  or our peanut butter banana biscuits! Our biscuits are made with all natural, organic, ingredients! They are safe enough for humans to eat too!

And The End Of The Day- Love Is All You Need

While all these things are important- they aren’t vital. The main thing your pup needs is your love and affection. Everything else is secondary!

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