8 Foods To Never Feed Your Dog

8 Foods You Should Never Feed Your Dog

It’s that time of year where you're extra generous with dropping a few extra bites from your plate for your pet. Then afterwards you stop and think “Can dogs eat that?” We got you covered- here are some harmful everyday foods that you shouldn’t feed your dog. 



You’ve heard not to give your dog chocolate- but here’s the reason why. The problem is theobromine which is lethal to dogs. If your dog ingests a small amount of milk chocolate or white chocolate- they will probably be ok because the actual chocolate content is low. They are mainly made up of milk and sugar, which still isn’t great for your pup.  

Dark chocolate, however, is lethal to dogs-even in small doses! Symptoms from eating too much chocolate are vomiting, diarrhea, tremors, seizures, and can even cause death.

In other words- don’t risk this one! Keep chocolate away from dogs.   


Raisins & Grapes

This is one that often gets mixed messages- frozen grapes are a common “healthy treat” that people often give their dogs.  Infact, grapes are extraordinarily toxic to dogs and should never be fed. Even just a few grapes can cause damage to your pet’s kidneys. 

Raisins are even worse! Even just a 1oz box of raisins can cause kidney failure in your dog. Early signs that your dog has ingested a toxic level of grapes or raisins are repeated vomiting and increased thirst. 

Looking for a good and safe alternative? Try blueberries or cranberries. (For a fun cranberry treat they’ll love try our Toilet Water treats)


Macadamia Nuts & Almonds

Even though dogs love peanut butter- not all nuts are created equal. Even as little as 6 macadamia nuts can make your pet sick! So keep those cookies and mixed nuts in areas your dog can’t reach.  

Signs your dog may have ingested Macadamia nuts can be: muscle weakness and trembling, dizziness, fever, and/or vomiting. 

Almonds do not have nearly the same problems that Macademia nuts face. Almonds are on the list because they have a tendency to splinter. When in doubt- ditch the nuts all together and try Almond Butter or the old gold standard, peanut butter! (Try these if your are looking for a safe peanut butter treat for your pet!)

Xylitol/Sugar Alcohol

With the rise of the keto and the LoCarb movement this is becoming increasingly popular. This artificial sweetener is found in everything from sugar free gum, diet sodas, desserts and candy. Unfortunately even the smallest amount of xylitol is lethal to dogs.If you are eating Sugar Free do not share any of your treats with your pet and keep them out of reach if possible.  

Vomiting and diarrhea are signs of poisoning in the early stages. Eventually your dog could have seizures followed by kidney failure in as little as a day. 


Onions & Garlic

This is one that isn’t thought about- because they aren’t the main entree. Onions and garlic are added to almost everything because everyone loves the added flavor- but it’s not needed for your pup’s palette. 

These are dangerous in any form: minced, sliced, dehydrated, whole, or powdered. The problem is because the come from the Allium family- which not only contains onions and garlic but also leeks and chives as well. However, Garlic is five times more toxic than the others to dogs. 

Even small amounts of garlic can cause anemia in dogs. Signs to look for are pale gums, weakness, and fainting. These symptoms can be delayed, so if you think your dog may have ingested some- continue to check on them for a few days after. 

When In Doubt Call Your Vet

If your pet ingests something that you are unsure is safe or not still consult your vet if you are worried. Also if your pet eats something that is deemed safe and still shows symptoms of toxicity (vomiting, shortness of breath, weakness) they could have a food allergy or sensitivity to a food not listed on here! When in doubt it’s better to be safe! 

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