The Perks of Peanut Butter For Your Pet

The Perks of Peanut Butter For Your Pup!

It’s not news that dogs everywhere love peanut butter! Just opening the jar of that creamy goodness gets their tails wagging! 

But did you know it’s actually healthy for your dog? Here are the perks of the peanut butter for your pet! 

It’s Packed With Protein! 

Peanut butter is a great source of protein for your pet! It helps build and repair lean muscle. Though most likely they are getting enough protein in their food- adding some peanut butter treats after a long day at the park or fun day in the sun will help in rebuild their muscles. Almost like a post workout snack for your pup!

It’s Filled With Healthy Fats!

Healthy fats are great for your pups skin and fur- and peanut butter is filled with them! Healthy fats can help with hair loss, skin irritations, and even joint health! 

Check this out for more ways to give your dog healthy fats! 

They Need That Niacin! 

Niacin (aka B3) helps your pet breakdown sugars and fats into useful energy! If your pet struggles with being on the heavier side or seems more sluggish than usual giving them a little peanut butter boost can help improve energy and help maintain a healthy weight! 

Sneaking It In Is Easy!

Not that your pup will snub peanut butter straight from the spoon- you can also use peanut butter as a distraction from some of the more unwanted aspects of their day. Sneak a pill into some peanut butter (fresh or frozen) and they will be so busy licking the sticky substance off their gums they won’t even notice the pill. 

Fill a Kong toy (and freeze it during the summer) and bring it camping or in their crate to keep them busy. Or if you want to avoid the mess- try our peanut butter banana biscuits and help boost their health an a few more ways! 

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