Fun Ways To Enjoy Summer With Your Dog

Fun Ways To Enjoy Summer With Your Dog

The weather is getting warmer and that means it’s time for fun in the sun! Here are some ways to enjoy this summertime with your dog.

Find a Splash Pad

If you thought splash pad were just for kids- you thought wrong! Dogs love them too!

Lookup splash pads or splash parks in your area (and double check that they are pet friendly) and let your pup run free! Make sure you pack a towel, some treats, and a leash and you are good to go! 

Check Out A Pond or a Lake

This one seems like a no brainer- most dogs love the water (and some just like to soak up the sun!) Pack up your picnic blanket and a lunch and enjoy a day outside with your fur ball.

Take your pup on a walk, feed the ducks (or they might decide to chase them instead), and pack a frisbee and have an awesome afternoon.

Pro tip- freeze a favorite bandana or toy to help your pup cool down.

Look Up Your Local Dog Park

If your dog loves to play with friends- here’s your chance! The parks will be filled with other four legged friends dying to get their wiggles out! 

Make sure your pet is up to date on their vaccines and flea & tick treatments- and pack a few extra tennis balls in case you lose one to a new bud. 

Look up your local parks sites or Facebook page to see any upcoming events! Many dog parks have vet or pet store sponsored events where you can hook your furry friend up with the coolest dog swag! 

Go For A Hike

Looking to add hiking to your summer routine? Take your dog along too!

Look for pet friendly trails and start slow! Make sure to fill your pockets with treats as a reward for staying on the trail. 

Your pet will love all the new smells and spending the quality time with you! 

Post hike- keep an out for ticks and bites! (For more info about pests to watch for check out our article here)

Grab A Seat On Your Local Patio

Maybe you aren’t the outdoorsy type but you still want to enjoy the weather with your four legged bestie? Check out your favorite brewery or restaurant with a patio!

Call up your best friends and plan a dog date (or  maybe have your chosen family spoil their furry little niece or nephew). Your pup will definitely be spoiled with attention by the staff and neighboring patrons. 

Find Some Food Trucks

The sun is out which means it’s Food Truck Season! And who is a better date than your dog?

Grab your furry foodie and try to find the best Taco Truck or Bahn Mi in town! Call up a friend and make it a double date.

Make sure to pack your pup a backup meal so they don’t steal all of yours! 

Have More Ideas? Let us know!

What do you do with your pet to enjoy the sun? Let us know some more ideas in the comments below! 

Have fun and start exploring! 

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